Lily Texture Packer

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Blender add-on to pack many textures into a single image. Just select all objects to pack textures from and go to menu Objects > Lily Texture Packer. A new image including all textures will be available in UV editor, and UVs of all object will be correctly placed within this new image!

Lily Texture Packer is:

  • Easy-to-use No cumbersome options to tune, just select and click;
  • Fast Using Numpy and a precompiled C++ packing implementation;
  • Efficient Almost minimal lost space, as square as possible texture atlas, keeps only the part of original textures that is actually used by UVs


I want this for free! If for some fair reason you cannot afford the $5 minimum donnation for this product, you are invited to contact me and provide more details about your case. I may (or may not) consider reducing the price.

Extra details The add-on is making the following hypotheses about your scene. You may request for improvements regarding them:
 - Only one UV per object;
 - One texture per material is used. The add-on tries to guess by browsing the node graph which is the baseColor and uses this one;
 - Texture mapping is using UVs (not procedural coordinates);
 - Objects don't share textures (otherwise they will be copied several times in the output, so that UVs don't overlap);
 - UDIMs are not used.

Change log

v1.0.0 (Apr 25, 2020) initial release
v1.0.1 (Apr 28, 2020) minor bug fix of v1.0.0
v1.1.0 (Sept 13, 2020) adds huge speed ups
v1.1.1 (Sept 14, 2020) fixes a bug of v1.1.0
v1.1.2 (Sept 17, 2020) adds a spacing parameter to leave a few pixels unused between packed textures.
v1.1.3 (Oct 11, 2020) fix issue with zero polygon objects.
v1.2.1 (June 24, 2021) port to Blender 2.93 LTS
v1.2.2 (July 7, 2021) fix for 2.83 and update linux builds
v1.2.3 (April 16, 2022) update for Blender 3.1 (Python 3.10)

I want this!
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Lily Texture Packer

88 ratings
I want this!