Lily Capture Merger

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is a Blender add-on for matching collections of objects thanks to their textures. Analyzes texture content to measure the transform to apply to stitch collections together.



1. If not done already, move the first set of objects in a collection (using M key),and the second set of objects in another collection.

2. Select one object from the first one collection, then one from the other one (hold shift to keep the previous one selected too). They have slightly different color outlines in the interface, the second one is "active".

3. Call the add-on using in the viewport menu. It will move the objects from the first selected collection so that it matches the second. You can chose to keep or delete objects detected as duplicates. In the latter case, it is the duplicates from the moved collection that are removed.

I want this for free! If for some fair reason you cannot afford the $9 minimum donnation for this product, you are invited to contact me and provide more details about your case. I may (or may not) consider reducing the price.

Use cases

This is mostly designed to work with MapsModelImporter: It can work on other setups provided that textures to match have the very same content, and that there is almost never two objects using the same texture. "Almost" because if there are only a few of these it'll work anyway (there is a voting scheme in case multiple matches are detected.)

Change Log

  • It is now possible to run the add-on even if the collections contain non-mesh objects like lights or cameras (they are simply ignored, they used to raise an error)
  • Fix random crashes of Blender that some users were experiencing in 2.93.
I want this!

A Blender add-on to quickly stitch captures together!

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(59 ratings)
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Lily Capture Merger

59 ratings
I want this!